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Grand Piano GP842

Alexey Stanchinsky  —  Complete Works for Piano. Vol. 2

«Solovieva … is a better advocate for
Stanchinsky in every respect. Grand Piano has a knack for finding artists that conquer the rarest of repertory with absolute conviction and possession

(Stephen Wright, American Record Guide, Vol 86, No. 5, p. 101)

Toccata Classics, TOCC0667

Nikolai Myaskovsky — Vocal music, Vol. 2; Complete works for baritone and piano (with Dzambolat Dulaev and Ilya Kuzmin, baritones), World premiere recordings.

«This is a very welcome release in Toccata’s second release of Myaskovsky’s vocal works. As with Volume 1 (review), they are impeccably recorded and performed, especially by the pianist Olga Solovieva who has championed many unfamiliar composers in recent years». (Gregor Tassie, MusicWeb International)

Toccata Classics, TOCC0355

Nikolai Myaskovsky — Vocal music, Vol. 1; Sonata for Violin and Piano (with  Elizaveta Pakhomova, Tatiana Barsukova, Marina Dichenko), World premiere recordings.

«This outstanding release is highly recommended. For me, it is one of the finest discs this year». (Gregor Tassie, MusicWeb International)

Grand Piano GP858

Anatoly Liadov  —  Piano pieces (CD «Piano music from a Russian dynasty»; main performer — Dmitry Korostelyov), including World premere recording

«Olga Solovieva has been my favored pianist for Liadov since I heard those earlier releases. Her contribution here is excellent.» (James Harrington, American Record Guide)

«Korostelyov and Solovieva spin these salon pieces with a clear-eyed sympathy for the idioms». (Rob Barnett, MusicWeb International)

Grand Piano GP 766

Alexey Stanchinsky  —  Complete Works for Piano. Vol. 1

«Olga Solovieva has been praised on these pages for her virtuosity, her clarity, and her range of expression—and the same qualities are in evidence here. I especially appreciate her responsiveness to musical character…» (Peter J. Rabinowitz, Fanfare — July 2020)

«…[the pieces ] are all beautifully crafted. I was particularly drawn to the tender and poetic quality of the three Songs Without Words, and he obviously had a gift at writing meaningful and attractive Preludes in many differing modes. […]… with the excellence of the Russian-born pianist, Olga Solovieva, I would commend the disc to you and look forward to future releases» (David Denton, David’s Review Corner, November 2019 )

«The piano writing is really thrilling, and needs a true virtuoso to bring it off in performance, something which Russian pianist Olga Solovieva so very comfortably achieves, playing with all the power and stylistic empathy the music demands. […] This new release is a most compelling one, not only because it contains such attractive late-Romantic music, extremely well-executed and faithfully captured on disc, but because Alexey Stanchinsky really does have original things to say (Philip R. Buttall, MusicWeb International, January 2020)

Naxos, 8.573951

19th Century Russian Music for Cello: Tchaikovsky P.I. / Davidov K. / Liadov K.N. / Arensky A.S. (with Dmitrii Khrychev, cello), including World premiere recordings.

«Best Bargain» of the week: «…For anyone who loves Russian romantic music as much as I do, this is quite a discovery» (David Mellor, ClassicFM) .

«…Olga Solovieva — who has already added four highly acclaimed discs to the Naxos catalogue — does her best to bring a substantial partnership to this World Premiere recording» (David Denton, David’s Review Corner, 2019).

Naxos 8.573783

Boris Tchaikovsky — Piano Trio, Cello Sonata (with Haik Kazazyan and Christopher Marwood)

«An interesting byway of 20th-century Soviet chamber music… The Piano Trio is given a persuasive performance» (Mark Pullinger, Gramophone).

«…Both the Sonata and the Suite are magnificently played by Christopher Marwood <…> He is partnered in the Sonata by the outstanding young Russian pianist, Olga Solovieva, who has already championed Boris Tchaikovsky on disc. She brings all of the weight the Sonata demands, and joins Marwood and the violinist, Haik Kazazyan, in the Trio. Excellent Russian studio recordings, and I most strongly commend it to you» (David Denton, David’s Review Corner, July 2018).

Toccata Classics, TOCC0327

Vissarion Shebalin — Complete Music for Violin and Piano (with Sergey Kostylev), World premiere recordings.

…eminently engaged performances by Kostylev and Solovieva presented in very natural and downright honest recorded sound.” (Rob Barnett, MusicWeb International)

«Russian violinist Sergey Kostylev and his compatriot pianist Olga Solovieva give technically accomplished, totally committed performances of these Slavic rarities. They make a convincing case for this music, leaving the listener wanting to hear the considerable number of Shebalin chamber works that have yet to make their disc debuts» (Bob McQuiston, Classical Lost and Found

Northern Flowers, NF/PMA 99113/114

Anatoly Lyadov — Complete Piano Music, Volumes Three & Four (including few World premiere recordings).

«There still is a full range of emotions — and a balance of brilliance and tenderness. Solovieva’s excellent technical abilities are called on almost as often as her ability to spin a beautiful legato melody. […] Ms Solovieva said [Lyadov’s] music deserves to be much better known; I cannot agree more, and I like her performance»  (James Harrington, American Record Guide)

Grand Piano GP716

Boris Tchaikovsky  —  Sonata for Two Pianos (with Dmitry Korostelyov), Sonata for Violin and Piano (with Marina Dichenko).

«There is plenty of good music to be heard here […]. Definitely recommended.» (Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review )

Naxos 8.573207

Boris Tchaikovsky  —  Piano Quintet (with The Vanbrugh Quartet).

«Piano Quintet is in many ways a remarkable work […]. The performances are exceptional.»  (Tim Ashley, The Guardian)

«The Vanburgh Quartet and pianist Olga Solovieva put real intellectual muscle behind the physical weight of their playing. […] Piano Quintet soon called me back for a second listen.» (Philip Clark, Gramophone)

OSUSP 005/2013 (AA 3000)

Sergey Rachmaninov — Piano Concerto Nr.2 (with OSUSP Orchestra, conductor Wagner Polistchuk); live recording from Sala Sao Paulo (Brasil), 23rd of March, 2013

Northern Flowers, NF/PMA 99106/107

Anatoly Lyadov — Complete Piano Music, Volumes One & Two.

Anatoly Liadov  —  Piano pieces (on the «Solovieva gives an absolutely gorgeous performance… There are so many tuneful works that all exude what I have come to think of as Russian musical characteristics that I could close my eyes and point at a random track and it would be a perfect example. So much of this is really good that one wonders why it is almost unknown. Fortunately, given performances like this, we can enjoyably explore Liadov’s output and get to know it much better.»  (James Harrington, American Record Guide)

Outstanding Release 
(International Record Review).

Toccata Classics, TOCC0046

Boris Tchaikovsky: vocal cycles with soprano, and two pieces for balalaika & piano (with Olga Filonova, soprano; Kirill Ershov, balalaika)

«The performers are all impressive… It’s truly a winner.» (Barry Brenesal, Fanfare)

Outstanding Release in accordance with International Record Review

Naxos, 8.55780

Sergey Taneyev — Violin Sonata (with Ivan Peshkov, violin) and pieces for piano (including premiere recordings)

«Olga Solovieva has been my

«And grateful we should be to pianist Olga Solovieva and Naxos for outing them, for they are gem-like beauties, which, in melodic and harmonic vocabulary, are heavily indebted to Schumann and Tchaikovsky….Ivan Peshkov is wonderful in the two violin works, and Olga Solovieva, as both soloist and accompanist, is one of the best advocates Taneyev has. Urgently recommended.» (Jerry Dubins, Fanfare)

«The supreme clarity of the sound quality adds to the elegance of the performance… Pianist Olga Solovieva brings a velvet, delicate touch to the virtuoso piano part.» (Catherine Nelson, The Strad)

«Olga Solovieva is a fine pianist» (Joseph Magil, American Record Guide)

Naxos, 8557727

Boris Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto (with Russian Academy of Music Chamber Orchestra, conductor Timur Mynbaev)

Performances are excellent from all concerned… At Naxos’s price, every music-lover should give this CD a try.”  (Phillip Scott, Fanfare)

«Olga Solovieva tackles the difficult Concerto with an arsenal of technical gifts and interpretive panache» (Robert Cummings, Classical Net Review).

Toccata Classics, TOCC0076

Herman Galynin: piano music (Sonata Triad, Suite, Four Preludes, etc).

«Whichever way you look at it these first Galynin recordings from Toccata Classics are appealing, arresting, audacious, and thoroughly admirable. Pianist Olga Solovieva blasts into the works with an imperious, crystalline authority that serves it to perfection» (Howard Smith, CD Spotlight)

«As for Olga Solovieva, her choice as soloist was inspired. She brings clarity and a wide variety in her touch to these virtuosic performances, while remaining properly responsive to both the poetic and caustic sides of Galynin’s musical personality…» (Barry Brenesal, Fanfare)

Albany Records, TROY749

Boris Tchaikovsky: Music for piano (Sonata No.1, Sonata No.2, Sonatina, Natural Modes, Pentatonic, Eight Pieces for Children), all World Premiere Recordings.

«Excellent young Russian Olga Solovieva confirms that Tchaikovsky’s piano music is tremendously rewarding, often highly individual…» (Murray McLachlan, Magazine ‘Piano’)

«Solovieva plays with steely-fingered brilliance: she’s in complete control of what she’s doing…» (International Record Review)

«Olga Solovieva plays this music with relaxed aplomb and perfect sympathy…» (American Record Guide)